5 Best Tourist Attraction in Hamilton

On the western tip of Lake Ontario in Canada, lies the City of Hamilton, which is also known as “The City of Waterfalls.” This city is divided by the Niagara Escarpment, which is a massive, woodland ridge locally recognized as “the mountain” that is scattered with waterfalls and conservation areas. Just like any other cities, Hamilton offers many great tourist spots that commonly reflect their history and the beauty within the city. To know more, here are 5 best tourist attractions Hamilton. 

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 

If you want to delight yourself with the military history of Canada, this heritage museum is worth visiting. You’ll be amazed by 40 aircraft, which are currently accessible for public viewing. Although a few of these planes are currently being repaired, there are several planes that can be viewed by the audience. These airplanes are the ones that were utilized throughout World War II, including the Avro Lancaster. Moreover, you can observe other remarkable relics that would remind you of the war history of Canada. As you visit here, you can take your kids and grandfather with you. The older people would definitely appreciate this place, and the children would delight in Flight Simulation for free that would enable them to maneuver a flight for 10 minutes.  


Dundurn Castle 

In this castle, there are 40 rooms that are well-decorated with a produce garden, consisting of lots of fruit, herbs, and vegetables. The Dundurn Castle was renovated nearly 5 decades ago and it showcases an Italian-style villa. Before this castle was transformed into a museum way back 1900’s, this originally has a zoo. This is an old castle mainly built during the 1930s, which is rich with the memories from the past. You will be in awe of how they have preserved this castle with perfect condition up to this time.  


Tew’s Falls 

This waterfall is Hamilton’s version of the well-known Niagara Falls. This waterfall has approximately 41 meters, which attests that it is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton. It is recommended to visit Tew’s fall during springtime since it has a tendency to dry up during summer seasons.  


African Lion Safari 

This is a park owned by a family that has over 100 animal species and 1,000 exotic birds. They also have kangaroo, ostrich, zebra, giraffes, lions, cheetas, and much more to mention! You can observe the majestic elephants as they swim in the lake. The park has walking areas specifically for tour buses and guests. This place is definitely ideal for a family outing. 



HMCS Haida National Historic Site 

This well-known warship is the last of the tribal class that served in the Cold War and World War I. It was assembled for the Royal Canadian Navy in 194. And in 1952, it was transformed into a destroyer and in 1963, it was decommissioned. Moreover, this site was finally launched for public viewing 15 years ago. If you visit this site, you may have a chance to discover this renowned ship as you try to reimagine the war scenes way back.