8 Landscape Design Styles You Can Choose From

Landscaping is not just planting trees, flowers and shrubs and expects them to form a design of their own and them make the place beautiful. A beautiful landscape design is a well-though of design with attention to details. Planning a landscape takes time and attention, and deciding for a landscape style should best fir your lifestyle and home.  

Landscape Design Styles 

A landscape design would become successful if it works with your climate and weather conditions. The best thing to do is work with that you currently have. Planting trees and flowers shouldn’t just be because you like them, you have to consider a lot of things. Some of the factors you should consider is the existing condition in your yard, what you plan to use the yard for, if you have pets or children, the style of your home and your lifestyle.  

There is a lot of landscape design in Irvine that you can choose from. You can choose either one of them or be creative and mix different styles to create your own. We compiled the list and it’s the following.  

Oriental Landscape 

The oriental style landscape uses evergreens, rocks and water to create some distinct view. You can also add a traditional Japanese Zen garden.  

English Garden Style Landscape 

This landscape style used perennials and shrubs that will complement the architectural style of your house. A bird bath or arbor can be added as decorative elements.  

Woodland Landscape 

If you don’t want to spend much on maintenance or if you want to have a natural fauna, you can choose Woodland style. It is a less manicured style among the other landscape styles. It looks like the landscape is a natural space like those in the wooded area.  

Butterfly Garden 

If you live in an area where butterflies are abundant and can live, you can install a butterfly garden. The butterflies serve as a welcome addition to the garden you have. This will require you to have plants that are source of food for the butterflies.  

Formal Landscape 

The formal landscape style has symmetrical patterns, geometric shapes and straight lines with well-pruned and orderly plants. This is one of the most common landscape styles that homeowners install. It will require a lot of maintenance especially that the shapes should be maintained.  

Informal Landscape 

This is the opposite of the formal landscape. It uses plant beds that have curved edges. The plants are arranged in the random areas unlike in the formal style where everything is in order. If the space would be used as a playing area for the children, this would be a good style choice.  

Xeriscape Gardens 

If you want the existence of water in your garden, you can have this style. It will used up 50% of the household water with low-water plans and waters. A design specific for reducing water evaporation is installed too.  

Organic Gardens 

If you care about nature, you can have the organic garden where everything is grown organically. It means that the natural way of fertilization and pest control is used, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.