Types of Landscape Lighting and Their Uses 

A landscape is not complete without the lighting. Landscape lighting greatly improves the appearance of your landscape. It turns your yard from basic to gold. When choosing what type of landscape lighting to choose, you should be particular to small details. Landscape lighting makes the space more special especially during at night. The designing is complicated, especially if you want to highlight some features and want to contrast some plants and forms in your yard. The mentioned elements will make your landscape more dramatic and unique.  

Landscape Lighting

What to Light in the Landscape?  

When it comes to installing landscape lighting, it doesn’t mean that you have to put lights everywhere. The purpose of the lighting is highlighting some features that will make them standout during the night. You should consider what features you want to highlight. Do you want to highlight a tree or the pond? Choose a place or features that you want to add drama to. This feature might not stand out during the day but it can during the night. Also, functionality is important. Put lights on the walkways or stairs so you would be safe when you come home at night. Professionals of landscape design in Irvine California can help you with this.  

Types of Lighting 

You already decided what to light and what to emphasize, it’s now time to choose the types of lighting.  

Path Lights 

One of the most common types of landscape lightings is the path light. They are small posts that are spread out in the walkway. They have built-in area capped with a diffuser. You can use the path lights in lighting the path, outlining the driveway or lighting the pond.  

Piermont/Post Mount Lights 

When the landscape design needs a more architectural light, the post mount lights will do. It can be put on top of a structure or install into the post. These lights are commonly used for gates, entries, around the decks and fences.  

Deck and Step Lights 

If your landscape design includes the extension of your indoor living room to the outdoor living door in the existence of decks and patios, you will need the step lights. These lights are used to add safe passage to the deck and dark stairs. They can also be used in lighting an entertainment space or washing light down stone walls.  

Bollard Lights 

Bollard lights are cousin with the path lights, but more heavy duty than the latter. These lights are great for stylizing a space of giving an architectural look to the area. You can install them to become guideposts in the driveway or around a path.  


Any landscape system is not complete without the spotlights. They are used to highlight a lot of outdoor features like buildings, trees, sculptural and other details.  

Well Lights 

These are the variants of the spotlights which are recessed into the ground. It will create a seamless look in the hardscape setting and landscaping. You can install them to up light walls, trees or art forms.   

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